For over 20 years Imix Nutrition has been formulating the highest quality products for health conscious customers. We take great pride in sourcing the most healthy, organic and bioavailable ingredients for premium health formulations by experts like Jini Patel Thompson.

We always strive to create effective and affordable health solutions and health maintenance regimes for our loyal and discerning customers, and we create products our clients are asking for, paying attention to the varied and discriminating health concerns. If we can help, we will make it happen. IMIX is happy to help real people like you prioritize and plan your healthy lifestyle. And we deliver over 30 unique products in dozens of markets around the globe. We hope you will find some great solutions to enhance your life… and we stand by all of our expertly crafted product lines.

Absorb Plus Amino is the latest addition to the popular Absorb Plus line of products. A great-tasting pre-digested elemental amino acid shake for rapid absorption, it’s packed with a 13 gram per serving blend of 23 beneficial, freeform amino acids in the same ratios as a complete protein.

Absorb Plus is the best tasting nutritional shake you’ll ever enjoy! Packed with isolate protein for rapid absorption and pre-digested for sensitive guts, or pre/post surgery, Absorb Plus boasts no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives and provides an extensive vitamin, mineral & trace mineral profile.

Gentle and Soothing Stool Bulking Blend – ColonEaze-Firm is a stool bulking agent that helps promote normal stool formation by absorbing excess liquid, promoting intestinal muscle tone and helping regulate/balance peristalsis.

All-Natural Soluble Fiber with Gentle Cleansing Herbs – ColonEaze-Move is a safe and natural fiber supplement for gently encouraging healthy elimination without chemical stimulants or laxatives.

MultiAbsorb-Daily Essential multi-nutrient powder contains 37 vitamins, aminos, trace minerals, antioxidants & essential nutrients for optimal health in the most bio-available forms.

MultiAbsorb-Daily Immune contains antioxidants, trace minerals, natural fermentation amino acids, and 43 key vitamins. This super nutrient/ multivitamin blend is designed for rapid absorption and immune support.

QuikPlus atom-sized/angstrom/nano-sized minerals have the best absorption of any mineral form, because they do not require digestion. They can be absorbed simply by holding in your mouth and helps alkalize overall body pH. They are safe and effective, and can be a vital part of your daily health practice!

Releaf Mucosa Calm is a herbal dietary support for the intestinal mucosal lining and Relief Fissure Calm helps soothe and provides relief from rectal and anal tears and fissures.

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